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Are there criteria to purchase a plot?
As a small cemetery in an ever-growing larger community, we strive to stay true to the original intent of our forefathers. We do this by limiting burials to those who have ties to the Cromwell area or have family members buried in the Cemetery. That way we can ensure space for generations to come.

What is the cost of a plot?
The current cost of a plot is $600.00. Each plot measures 4 x 9

Can I purchase several plots for my family?
Yes, if there is adjoining space available. We are not able to reserve plots.

What if I no longer need a plot, can I sell it back to the cemetery?
No, we do not purchase them back. You may transfer them to a family member, which must be recorded with the secretary. A new Certificate of Ownership will be issued. You can donate them back to the cemetery.

What is the process when a death occurs?
Contact the secretary. She will see what plots are available to you. We will need to physically mark the plot for burial. You must submit an Application for Burial with a $50 payment prior to the burial. You will have to plan with a funeral home for a casket burial and service. You may bury an urn as long as it is 18' below the surface. All burials must be recorded with the secretary. A permanent headstone must be installed within a year of the burial.

What fees are incurred with a burial?
Cromwell Cemetery is a 'Burial Only' cemetery; meaning that plots are available for purchase; the Cemetery does not conduct funeral services, dig the graves, or install monuments or headstones. Typical expenses would be: cost of the plot, $50 fee for Application for Burial, the cost for the burial and service and a headstone.

Is this cemetery a 'green' burial site?
No, all bodies must be in a pine box at the minimum. We do not require a liner. Ashes must be in an urn.

Who maintains the cemetery?
The cemetery is cared for by volunteers, people like yourself who have an interest in the area. Mowing and weeding are encouraged anytime.

Can I use a plot for just the burial of ashes?
Yes. Ashes must be in an urn. We do not have a limit as to how many urns can be buried in a plot. If there is a casket, that would be buried first and the urns on the top. All burials must be recorded with the secretary and an Application for Burial completed.

Are there restrictions for headstones or plantings?
We do not have restrictions on headstones. The Board must review the planting of shrubs and trees. Permanent installations of benches are not allowed.

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