Hales Passage Scandinavian Lutheran Cemetery Association
Annual Meeting Minutes – May 19, 2018
Sears Farm across from Cemetery

I Call to Order

II Read and Approval of Minutes to previous Membership and Board Meetings

III Treasurer’s Report & Plots Sales (from 2018 Board Meeting Minutes)
Expenses – $810.41
Donations - $1085.00
Sale of 4 Plots $1600.00
Interment Fees (8) $400.00
Checking Balance $16216.42
CD Balance $13276.26 (includes interest of $7.96)

IV Acknowledging those who passed away during the year:

Stuart Holmes Miller 107 C
4 June 1992, Seattle, WA
13 Aug 2017, Issaquah, WA

Olivia Frances Woods 181 C (cr)
24 June 1954, Gig Harbor, WA
24 Aug 2017, Port Orchard, WA

Howard L Barton 89 C - Veteran
3 Dec 1930, Hancock Co, Indiana
5 Oct 2017, Tacoma, WA

Yoshie Goto 2416 (cr)
28 July 1916, Keelung, Taiwan
29 Jan 2017, Kurame, Japan

Robert Rudsit 178 F- Veteran
13 Jan 1922, Philadelphia, PA
17 Nov 2017, Gig Harbor, WA

Howard Faber 2090 (cr) Veteran
11 March,1930, Waterloo, IA
20 Jan 2018, Gig Harbor, WA

Jewell Marie Colley 2084 (cr)
3 June 1938, Oak Lawn, Ill.
26 Feb 2018, Bellevue, WA

Allen Erickson 161 L (marker only)
5 Feb 1947, Tacoma, WA
4 Feb 2017, Gig Harbor, WA

Hollis Small
7 July 1928, Yakima, WA
11 Oct 2017, Gig Harbor, WA

V Old Business

Laurie identified 31 burials without a permanent headstone. All but 2 do not have a known living relative. Those families will be contacted with a personal note. Premier Memorial in Tacoma had the best deal for 12' x 12' x 4' granite markers. We would be getting wholesale cost: $137.00 less 15% for an order of 10. They would be using leftover material and we would not have a choice in color selection. Each could be engraved with Name, DOB and DOD. Some graphics could be included. Stones will be delivered to the cemetery. We would need to do the installation.
Laurie will order 10.
A signup sheet was passed around for those who would like to help identify the plots and set the stones one or two days during the summer

VI New Business
Nate asked for volunteers to have a 'Tree cutting' party to be scheduled this summer.
Election of Officers – President, Vice –President, Secretary & Treasurer
After no one wished to partake as an officer, the current officers agreed to serve another term. It was moved and seconded to retain the current slate of officers for another year:
President Ben Pearson
Vice President Joyce Sears
Treasurer Donna Doherty
Secretary Laurie Dahl Isacson

Election of Trustee – It was moved and seconded to appoint John Gagnon for a 3 year term. Current trustees are:
Nate Sears 2016 – 2019
Doug Holsinger 2017 - 2020
John Gagnon 2018 - 2021
VII Other
Thanks for the Sears Family for their hospitality and use of the garage.
Thanks to all who have cleaned, mowed and repaired items at the cemetery throughout the year.

VIII Adjourn

Meeting was adjourned at 1:15
Respectfully Submitted,
Laurie Dahl Isacson, Secretary

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