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2013 Annual Meeting Minutes: Hales Passage Scandinavian Lutheran Cemetery Association

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Saturday May 18, 2013 – Annual Meeting Minutes

I Call to Order

II Read & Approval of Minutes of Previous Annual Meeting

III Treasurer’s Report
Expenses – $1199.61
Donations - $675.00
Money Market - $13,233.20 (interest $20.81)
Checking - $6893.20

IV Acknowledging those who passed away during the year
Gordon Sherwood McCormick October 5, 1939 - October 12, 2012 85 F
Frank Melvin Samuelson May 3 1926 – Nov 25, 2012 *
Eunice Marie Samuelson April 12, 1924 July 29, 2010 *
*ashes to be buried this summer in family plot
Dwight Edward Stephens August 26, 1949 – Feb 4th 2012 buried elsewhere
(to be acknowledged at 2014 meeting as notice came after annual meeting)

V Old Business
• Ben Pearson will schedule a grave marking orientation during the summer.
• Bob Quy offered to have a friend who is a sign maker look into coming up with a bid for a new sign.

VI New Business
• Adjusting to the Digital Age
a. A Cromwell Cemetery website will be researched.
b. Newsletters and correspondence will be sent electronically in the future for those with email and wishing such. The regular mailed news newsletter will still be available.
• Fence Repair – The cyclone fence on the north side of the cemetery will be repaired by Viking Fence in Gorst for about $400.00. They were significantly the least expensive bid
• Donations/ Expenses/Diminishing Donor Base - The majority of the contributions are from older folks and as they pass away donations are not being replenished up by the younger generations. The Board has a fiduciary responsibility be stewards of Cemetery funds for future generations. Ideas are welcome for expanding our donor base

• PERMANENT MARKER REQUIREMENT – Effective May 18th, 2013 (annual meeting) a permanent headstone and or permanent identification must installed within one year of burial, whether it is a casket burial or cremation.
• INTERMENT FEE - Effective May 18, 2013 (annual meeting) a $50.00 interment fee for any burial (casket or cremation) will be implemented. .
• BURIAL TRACKING FORM – Effective May 18, 2013 (annual meeting) each new burial (casket or urn) must have completed a Burial Tracking Record form. This is available from the secretary and will be on the future website.
• HPSLC POLICIES REVISION - The Permanent Marker Requirement, Burial Tracking Form and Interment Fee have been added to the HPLSC Policies document.

VII Appointment of 3-year-term Trustee to replace the expiring term of Nate Sears. Nate was reinstated for another 3 year term.
Doug Holsinger 2011 - 2014
Suzan Rosenthal 2012 - 2015
Nate Sears 2013 - 2016

VIII Election of officers for 2013 - 2014
President -Vice President - Secretary – Treasurer
After no one wanted to put their hat in the ring as an officer, it was moved and seconded to retain the current slate of officers for another year:
President Ben Pearson
Vice President Joyce Sears
Treasurer Donna Doherty
Secretary Laurie Dahl Isacson
Ed Berntsen volunteered to shadow Laurie for the secretarial duties.

IX Other
• Thanks to mowers Ben Pearson, Dick Brynestad, Bob Quy and others who tended to cemetery needs during the year.
• Thanks to the Sears/Mitton families for their hospitality

X Adjourn

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