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Lat: 47 16.768 and Lon: -122 46.340
Owned by Peninsula Social Club Cemetery
Parcel No. 2709300055, which is part of a larger parcel,owned by Peninsula Heritage Land Trust.

Of all the Peninsula cemeteries it seems that the Home and Minter cemeteries are the smallest, with only nine recorded burials in the Home Cemetery and four in the Minter.
From the sparse records available on this land it would seem that Joseph Hieman on November 16, 1920, conveyed it to the Home Grange #701 of Home, WA.

Records further show that on May 29, 1922, the home Grange #701 sold the land to the Peninsula Social Club for $1.00 for the purpose of it being used for a cemetery.
With no active association to look after it, it has long since fallen into disrepair. The road leading to it is grown up with brush and is no longer accessible by car.

Parcel No. 0021263031, 2.46 Acres. T21 R00E SEC 26
Inside Home Colony use: 45 85 00 XXX

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